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Black Erotic Massage For My Wife

When Paul married Michelle, he knew that her history was a little bit less than perfect. She had been in and out of rehab for various drug addictions and had taken more than her fair share of cocks during her days of trading ass for glass. Meth is a hell of a drug to get over, but a lot of care and attention from the love of her life made it a possibility that kept her clean from narcotics and they had been happily married for close to five years. While she never had a huge desire to take drugs again, the one thing she did lust and crave for those five years of commitment was the pleasure of another man.

Michelle had been used to seeing multiple people on a week-by-week basis, and because her work was getting a little more stressful and her relationship a little more strained, the hunger for contact with other guys grew strong. While Michelle needed a lot of support during her wild years, she was more than confident in herself that after their marriage, she became the dominant one in the relationship. Paul was always subject to financial constraints and Michelle would often tell Paul that he couldn’t go out with his friends just because she had that power over him.

The logical continuation of their relationship with her desire for another man’s intimacy came from a request to see a professional. Michelle figured that if she was going to be unfaithful, it should be with someone who knows the drill and who isn’t going to get emotionally involved. She just wanted to suck and fuck – root and boot, so to speak. Get the sex out of her system and carry on with her life.

Michelle was sitting in bed with her wonderful husband, reading the newspaper quietly while he was on the phone to one of his clients. While the person on the other end of the phone was chatting about figures and statistics, Michelle shoved the newspaper under the nose of her partner and pointed to an advert that read:

Paul looked at the advert and looked up at his wife. Her eyes wide with excitement at the prospect of being satisfied by the power of another man. Paul wrapped up his phone call and stared at his wife who was now on the verge of paralysis because of the excitement. "What are you waiting for, Paul? Book me." – Michelle closed her eyes and reclined onto the bed, holding her husband’s hand as she hit the pillow and relaxed.

He picked up the phone and dialled the number, starting off by giving the details of where they lived, their contact information and address. He was finally transferred to a soft voice that greeted him:

"Hey, my name is Sacha, how can I help you today?"
"Hi, I want to book an erotic massage for … a female friend."
"Absolutely! Will you require the service tonight?"
Paul’s heart skipped a beat, was his wife going to get her desire so soon?
"Yes, please. Tonight."
Michelle opened her eyes and locked them with her husband.
"And who did you want? We have Marc, Jacob and Jamal available."
"Tell me about Jamal."
"Oh! He’s one of our biggest men. Tall, athletic and best of all, ebony skin!"
"Black? We’ll take him!"

Michelle bit her lip and squeezed the hand of her husband, who was as of that moment, booking a black male to fondle and fuck her. Paul wrapped up the conversation and told his wife to go shower before Jamal got there.

When he arrived, Michelle was in the bedroom, wearing nothing but a bath robe and facing away from the door when her masseuse entered the room.

"Hello, I’m Jamal. Please, come over here and lay down." Michelle turned around, kept herself quiet and mounted the portable table that Jamal had just set up. He started to rub his dark hands all over the milky white skin of the gorgeous stranger presented before him.

Meanwhile, Paul was down the corridor of the house, looking through the open door as his wife was manhandled by a powerful ebony warrior. He watched in surprise as his wife moaned and groaned with the soft, firm hand movements that were being made across the entirety of his wife’s now impure form. He whimpered and held back tears as his beautiful partner enjoyed the delights of someone that was manlier than he would ever be.

Michelle was at breaking point. She had never felt so comfortable with someone touching her – not even her own husband made her feel as relaxed as Jamal did. "Fuck me. Please, fuck me." – Michelle begged for the rock-hard member that was poking into her periodically as Jamal made his way around her form.

Within seconds, Jamal undid a button on his shorts and revealed a lengthy, solid black shaft that begged for the tight, wet cunt of the Michelle. He flipped her over, looked deeply into her eyes and laughed to himself as she responded to the full length of his cock entering her begging cunt. With powerful, manly strides the insides of Michelle were being filled with and oozing pleasure. She gripped his shaft as the strides became deeper and more frequent. Her vagina could not handle the level of pleasure she was being subjected to.

Paul looked at his wife; she had her hands wrapped firmly around the chiselled body of the masseuse he had hired for her. He looked as she climaxed and her eyes rolled around in her head as the level of pleasure running through her body grew too much. His manliness was questioned as soon as he saw his wife orgasm within minutes of a powerful black animal pounding away at her perfect body. Paul closed his eyes and walked away as his lovely wife got on her knees and started to milk the cum from the huge ebony monster that had just made her body convulse in ecstasy. He hated the fact that he was now a cuckold, and he hated the fact that he loved seeing his wife being unfaithful even more.